About Me and this Blog

I am an animal, a human, and I am angry about the way we are living.
I do not consider myself a member of any particular group or philosophy, though I lean towards beliefs within the green anarchy and anarcho-primitivist communities.

I believe firmly that our society strayed from our path when we first left a primarily hunter & gatherer way of life for a life rooted in agriculture and technology. What followed was the slow transition from being at balance with nature and respecting the life around us to a society insane with greed and drunk on murder, exploitation, and genocide.

Presently, our pathological lifestyle is defined by valuing human life & convenience over the life of the salmon, a blade of grass, a watershed, a mountainside, a forest, a single deer, and all other life around us.This has allowed us to unnecessarily ravage ecosystems, exterminating billions of lives and driving hundreds of thousands of lifeforms extinct, all for the benefit of our society.

For many years, I believed that this could change.That there is enough people with enough empathy, compassion, and sanity left to instigate a worldwide lifestyle change. All we needed to do was raise awareness.  

Being a musician, I dedicated myself to utilizing music as a tool to raise awareness, and started several companies to promote other musicians who have a similar message.  Currently, through many changes, my company has become Autonomous Music (http://www.autonomousmusic.org). The company is a North American booking agency and a free label. I organize and book tours for artists that I once felt could make a dramatic difference on our culture. My own projects, Resident Anti-Hero & Etheric Double (http://www.residentantihero.com), are among the clients.

Presently, I find myself no longer under the impression that I will be able to make any significant impact on a culture so obsessed with destruction (even its own). I will not stop the work I am doing, but I have decided to make firm shifts in my own life. Touring and promoting music takes a massive amount of energy (gasoline for tour vehicles, electricity for equipment, etc). This energy is ‘harvested’ through mining, power plants, drilling, shipping, and wars, all done with massive machines which require more mining, power plants, drilling, shipping, and wars. I have found it continually harder to rationalize touring my own projects and will be shifting towards only a handful of live performances, and a steady stream of free music distributed online.

With less focus on music, I will be spending my time developing my own lifestyle to reflect my beliefs. I live in the Pacific Northwest.  I am committed to developing a sustainable lifestyle . It will take years and years of work, and many compromises from what my ultimate goal would be if it were reachable. I am making commitments (to the best of my ability) such as responsibly farming as much of my meat, vegetables, herbs, and medicines as possible, no longer purchasing food or other items that come in packaging, purchasing virtually 100% of our food and other items from farms within a 50 mile radius of my house, using as little electricity as possible, and so on.

I have started this blog in an effort to communicate the journey with those that are interested.Perhaps it will reach one person who will reach one person who will reach one person…


  1. Your story is inspirational. I've been reached...

  2. I found your blog through Resident Anti-Hero. First heard your music in late 2007 as a result of a loose Derrick Jensen connection. I live in and love the Pacific Northwest. Currently am pursuing a double major in environmental science and creative writing.

    I will be reading along.

  3. You are not alone... we are growing.
    self sustaining farm in québec. My son has a primitive techniques school. In french : formationpiedsnus.com

    great to see people waking up !!



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