Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Electricity

Spending some time today contemplating electricity, and the effect I have on the world everytime i turn on a light, turn on my computer, use my electric stove, run my refridgerator 24/7, use my electric washer/dryer, listen to music, etc.

Everytime i turn on a lightbuld in my house i am contributing to mining, deforestation, the destruction of salmon habitat, and oil wars. A massive range of exploitation and violence takes place to harvest the materials, ship the materials, process the materials, build the dams/wind towers/drills/power plants, run the cables along every road and hillside across the country, all so we can have a little convenience. I know its not worth it, i know that when i stand in the woods at the side of a creek that i would not dare bring a bulldozer in and destroy its beauty so i can have a light in my house or an electric stove. Who does these things?

Why it seems no one else shares this ultimately simple and clear feeling, i just can't figure out. Even my 'likeminded' peers don't seem to be willing to give up their computers and cell phones and lightbulbs for the sake of the earth. I wish i could figure out how to generate enough income to pay rent and eat without using any electricity.

I cherish the thought of the day after the collapse, when all goes dark...

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