Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Electricity

Spending some time today contemplating electricity, and the effect I have on the world everytime i turn on a light, turn on my computer, use my electric stove, run my refridgerator 24/7, use my electric washer/dryer, listen to music, etc.

Everytime i turn on a lightbuld in my house i am contributing to mining, deforestation, the destruction of salmon habitat, and oil wars. A massive range of exploitation and violence takes place to harvest the materials, ship the materials, process the materials, build the dams/wind towers/drills/power plants, run the cables along every road and hillside across the country, all so we can have a little convenience. I know its not worth it, i know that when i stand in the woods at the side of a creek that i would not dare bring a bulldozer in and destroy its beauty so i can have a light in my house or an electric stove. Who does these things?

Why it seems no one else shares this ultimately simple and clear feeling, i just can't figure out. Even my 'likeminded' peers don't seem to be willing to give up their computers and cell phones and lightbulbs for the sake of the earth. I wish i could figure out how to generate enough income to pay rent and eat without using any electricity.

I cherish the thought of the day after the collapse, when all goes dark...


  1. I share that feeling. Starting around eight years ago I began to play this game where, when the lights would flicker, I would hold my breath, and the seconds stretched into entire daydreams where the power went out for good and different futures would play out in my mind. The light always pulsed back and I was left with hatred and a tight knot in my stomach that wouldn't abate.

    I've been running from those daydreams for the last few years, because I can't bear the panic, pain, hatred, and sobbing sadness that comes from knowing what has been, what is, what could be, and the harm that my life contributes to what is. The truth doesn't leave me. Maybe I can't look it in the face right now, but I'll never let it go. It hovers over me every time I flick on a light, throw away plastic food wrapping, or hear the heater kick on. It haunts me, and I think I'm only able to distract myself from the full brunt of it right now because I'm regrouping, evaluating, and trying to make a more effective plan with a functioning mind. The knowledge of what is happening and has happened, I find incapacitating- the horror of it. It should be horrifying but it should be anything but incapacitating- how to change that?

    I like to think that our likeminded peers would be willing to quit. For me at least, I think the obstruction is a need to both be able to look the truth straight on without having mental breakdowns and to have a clear way to avoid all of the destructive shit. Both things would be easier with a committed community, no matter how small, being able to help with the burden of knowledge and with ideas for.. not just the avoidance of the ills we know, but also of more active changes.

    Calamity Nymph

  2. Thank you for contributing, i agree with all of it and hope that the few of us who seem to feel this deeply can find the community, no matter how small, to support each other and figure out a commited lifestyle that ceases to contribute. Taking small steps, bit by bit, just isn't feeling like enough to me...

  3. just a shout out to let you know im appreciating your thoughts and effort. Its hard predicament were in.

    take care




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