Thursday, September 2, 2010


Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are a movement.

A movement that is not unified by a common vision, but by a common enemy. This enemy miseducates your children, teaches you that life is about the pursuit of money. This enemy controls your life through violence, manipulates your actions and desires. This enemy has created a controlled environment for you to live in, in which you are systematically utilized as a resource.

Label it what you want, corporatism, capitalism, republicans, democrats, western civilization, machine culture, it doesn't matter. Each of us must spend time identifying this enemy for our self, beyond simple labels and buzzwords. What matters is that we are unified in our desire and instinct for dissent against a clear, well defined, and personalized enemy. This is warfare.

Identify and embrace what you love, what stands between you and it, and dissent. Spend time acknowledging your natural talents and your current skill set, define the tactic that is appropriate to you, and live by it. Whether its making food for activists, handing out fliers, organizing events, spiking trees, blowing up dams, making art, writing, it doesn't matter. Identify, engage, and live by it.

Do something. If you do nothing and you are just a passive arm of the enemy. If that is your choice, so be it, we will see you on the battlefield.

This life is warfare, and we mean to live by it.

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