Friday, April 23, 2010

on organization

... well. the Tea Party recently gathered in Eugene OR drawing over 1000 republicans in a hugely successful grassroots effort. wow. what the fuck is wrong with our movement that the Tea Party can out gather us.

Sarah Palin is in town tonight... a lonely group of 50 or so community members stand in protest of the sold out dinner/speak event at the Hilton.

Rarely is the lack of organization on our part so painfully obvious. as far as i can tell, the radical and liberal communities that supposedly share my beliefs, passion, and sense of injustice might as well be called the passive community. reaching out tonight hoping to be proven otherwise. Please note: i am not talking down to my community members, i openly acknowledge i am as guilty as you. The question is, how do we regroup, address this, and change it?

i'm tired of feeling like the far right has more guns, more radio stations, more land, more members, more blind followers, more farms, more 'activists', more money, more organization, more conviction, and i kid you not... if the system crumbled tomorrow... more control and power than us.
is our sense of hopelessness so crippling that we would rather not gather and act?

there can be no compromise, no laziness, no passive anything in the face of injustice, greed, poverty, torture, and slavery. If we stand in passionate example of our beliefs, regardless of whether or not we think we can achieve the vision those beliefs create, we can at the very least let our enemies know we are here. Here and unwilling to tolerate.

I for one am tired of arguing about tactics. Debating what is the right or wrong way to demonstrate our convictions, or to let our voice be heard. There is no right way, nor wrong way. I am a feral animal, and the only action i consider to be right is one acted out in instinct... in the moment.... fueled by the passion of the moment. Arguing our tactics among ourselves is creating seperation within the movement, and much worse, creating paralysis.

I am tired of caring if how i act will be 'worth it' or if it will 'do anything'. I urge all of us to let our passion, whether that be fueled by anger, depression, or hope, make our decisions for us.

Most of all i'm tired of feeling alone.
Is anyone else so fed up that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt the only thing left to do is to hold on to each other and make as much noise as possible, right now, in this very moment?

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